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Top 7 online courses in Australia to consider in 2019

Whether you need to level up your skills for a promotion or equip yourself with new technical knowledge for a career change, online courses (and its superior flexibility) would be the best bet that suits your busy working schedule as well as providing concise, recognised skills and certificates. In this article, let’s walk through the top 7 online courses in Australia that are worth your consideration in 2019.

Health Care & Medical Assistance

Top of the chart must be Health and Medical Care online courses as it has officially been the fastest growing industry in Australia1. Contrary to the common assumption that the Health and Medical industry is exclusively for postgraduate geniuses, 55% of job openings actually don’t require higher education degrees. Certificates earned from recognised online courses would allow you to join this respected industry with high income and diverse career prospects such as: pharmacy assistant, medical receptionist, nutritionist etc. For instance, check out our online course for a Certificate in Medical Reception here.

Beauty Therapy & Makeup

A job in Beauty Therapy and Makeup is attractive because it promises both a lucrative income and various career paths. In fact, it totally depends on your personal interests. There will be general courses that teach you to become a beauty therapist or a makeup artist. Or you could also choose more in-depth programs which focus on specific areas like eyelash extensions. Upon completion, you are certified to seek employment in beauty salons or enjoy the freedom of being your own boss as a freelancer.
A small tip: if you dream of being a beauty therapist, New South Wales and Victoria together account for more than 50% of the job openings in this booming industry.

Information & Communication Technology (IT)

IT may not be the largest or fastest growing industry, but definitely among the most well-paid careers in Australia. In fact, IT architect and full-stack developer are now the “hot pick” in Australia3. Even technology assistant positions could expect six-figure base salary. For such a technical area, online courses are recommended for those with IT backgrounds and knowledge rather than newcomers. You will gain extra certificates and industry insights from experts to pave your way towards managerial positions.

Finance & Accounting

It has been proven that a tertiary degree is not enough to start your career path in finance and accounting. That’s why more and more employees turn to online courses as a practical solution to upskill and be more competitive in the market, which expects to witness 16,800 job vacancies until 2023. The most popular choices are courses in accounting / small business software (i.e. MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks etc.) and other supporting skills such as business administration.

Real Estate & Property

It is predicted that Australia will need 97,800 real estate and property services workers by 20222, which pretty much explains the popularity of real estate online courses. Apart from a Certificate of Registration (which legally allows you to work as a real estate agent in Australia), these short courses connect learners directly with top professionals in the industry. As a result, learners are equipped with insights and skill sets that help them survive in such a challenging career with an attrition rate of over 80% after 12 months.

Pet & Animal Care

Passionate about animals and want to build a career working with these amazing creatures? You can actually learn to become a professional carer and earn a lucrative income with your passion. Many course providers now offer a wide range of online programs for animal lovers, from vet assistant, zoology to more specific courses like horse care, pet care. After obtaining the skills and knowledge, you can apply for jobs in animal hospitals, zoos, wildlife parks or pet shops.

Social Media & Marketing

According to a recent report4, 53% of SMEs in Australia are struggling to establish their online presence, leading to an increasing and urgent demand for social media specialists of all levels. What’s more, you don’t need a tertiary degree as this industry, by nature, prioritises on-the-job learning over qualifications. By taking online courses, you will be taught by experienced social media managers – a big plus in the resume and bringing you closer to the promising salary of AUD 80,000 – AUD 130,000 per year.
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